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Welcome to HAPPY TOWN.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


1. Hello Rocky can you present yourself to the few that don't know you?
Hello men! I'm honored to be introduced to Muscle-Daddy Lovers & Muscle-Bear Lovers from around the world!
2. How have you started your career in porn movie?
Well, there is a dark story attached to it. One where I had an accident in a NYC gym which resulted in a severe concussion. The owner used my sexual orientation and bullying techniques to keep me from getting the money I needed for the therapies I needed.
Additionally my 3 lawyers were bad! One worse than the next.
The 3rd one was disbarred! (It's a war story! lol!! You can't make this stuff up!)

It took a year for me to recover the worst stages and another 3 years for most of the others.
But... I didn't let that stop me. I CHANGED careers, let go of my dreams of an acting career and invested in real estate!
After George Bush Jr. tanked the economy and banks, I focused on making money to pay down those medical debts until the loans become easier to get again.
I'm a survivor and my life is good because I allow myself to think outside the box, make bold decisions and count my blessings. :)

Yes I was victimized by a homophobe gym owner and was let down by incompetant lawyers but I refused to be a victim. When life gives you lemons make lemonade! Then brand it and market it across the country! Lol!
Never give up when life gets bad, there's always some good to be had and shared!

I hope that wasn't too heavy for your blog. I don't see the point of holding back... after all, you asked! lol!

On a sexier note...
My career in porn officially started with my debut with .
It was a solo where they asked me if I would attempt to cum ''hands free'' for the camera. ...Remember, this was my first professional shoot!
Much to my surprise...I could do that!

I haven't done it since. Mostly because it was so intense! It was like a slow motion heart attack which started in my balls and shot up through the top of my head... But you can see that in the solo. It's all there. It's what caused the great commotion about me.

I can't hide my reactions when it comes to sex. I think that's why people like to watch me. Whatever I give, it's always real. (I'm a lousy liar, lol)

3. What reaction did your family and friends have when you decide to do porn?
I chose to not enter this business until my present age because I realize, as everyone should assume: Once you put something on the Internet you can't take it back.
I would prefer respect my family's privacy but I can say my friends have have been very supportive to extremely supportive & excited for me!

4. How would you describe the environment of the porn movie?
Each set and each company is different. TheGuySite is very casual and formulaic with the "X" factor being the unscripted sex between the performers who are brought together for the purposes of shooting. The viewer watches it unfold, warts and all. It's unscripted and authentically in the moment.
They make sure that both characters are attracted to each other via pics or videos. Then we meet and the sparks fly! I can't say enough good things about TheGuySite ( ) as a jumping off place to begin a porn career.

I've seen other shoots for Ray Dragon Media & Lucas Entertainment. Their approaches to shoots are different of course because they tell stories with their films.
But relaxed, professional, respectful environments are common to all 3 studios.
THANKFULLY I've only seen good things on sets.

5. Are you single or in a relationship? Can you describe your type man?
I'm in a long term relationship. He's very supportive of me and I am of him. Love, respect & communication are key in our relationship.

A year ago last September I was offered 5 scenes for 4 studios right after sending out my first round of model applications. I was blown away! I didn't know if I would even get one bite but the the first "YES" came from Pantheon Productions 20 min. after I hit the SEND button!

I ended up turning them all down because my partner was traveling at the time and I wouldn't confirm such a major change in our lives without a face to face talk with him to talk everything out.
He's made similar sacrifices for me.

Regarding porn, he's on board obviously ;)
Oh, and about those early offers: I matched up good friend "pocket bear" Mike Dreyden in place of me for that shoot with Pantheon. It was a major win for everyone! If you're curious about that shoot, google " Mike Dreyden, Pantheon Production " I'm sure you'll find it.

As far as my TYPE... I have many physical types. I love older, younger, hairy, smooth, white, latin, middle eastern, the list goes on and on... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I prefer Imperfect beauty. I can't relate to perfect looking ppl. Clones don't do much for me.

I'm always interested in quality too. The one common denominator that my real friends and my partner have in common is strong character. I love, love LOVE a hero! If I see you fight off a bully or help a blind lady across the street I'll want to pound you even harder! Good guys don't finish last with me!
6. What are the most important things in a relationship for you?
What I look for in a relationship is love, acceptance, respect and honesty. Support is key as well.
My partner constantly reminds me of my good points because I drive myself hard and don't always give myself credit. So I guess I need that too. Lol!

He just chimed in that money is important too. LOL! He's very practical... what he means is that nothing breaks up a couple faster than money problems. He's right.
he's also a Suze Orman devotee. (He gets the biggest kick when she yells "DENIED!" Lol!)

7. Which Was Your favorite partner That You Have Met on the set? and why?
I've slept with many pornstars. Most off the set but I have to say that Drake Jayden from TheGuySite is intoxicating. He has the most wonderful, slithery body! As a massage therapist I'm mostly into touch, so feeeeeeeling that skin just makes you want to feel it more and more! OMG I'm a Drake-a-holic!

His ass is beyond amazing!!! Also the way he railed me on our last shoot for
I was yelling so loud while he pounded me that they had to friggin shush me! (I still can't believe they Shushed me! It was a hotel room! It was porn! The dude was slamming me!) LOL!!! I hope they left the shushing on the tape! That would be golden!
was crazy! I was gripping the sheets trying to not fall off the bed! Let me remind you that I'm around 95% top. If a guy can make me feel good then the guy is goooood. "Testify!"
8. Can you give me three of your strengths and three of your weeknesses?
My strengths and my weaknesses are usually connected.
-Strength: I'm determined. If I decide to do something, I give it 200% . I try from every angle until I'm successful.
-Weakness: I'm stubborn. I don't know when to let go, even if I'm holding onto a bad idea. LOL

Strength: I'm an excellent teacher. I'm most patient when I'm explaining something to someone. Sexually I'm a great teacher as well. I would be willing to spend all night opening up a ''nervous bottom'' but usually I'm rubbing my hips against his ass in minutes.
Weakness: I'm VERY impatient otherwise.

Strength: I can size up a person or a room in seconds. My gut is never wrong. Sometimes the impressions I get during a handshake are so strong I don't hear the name.
Weakness: I'm overly sensitive (LOL) and even though I don't judge others harshly by their looks, I'm a Gym-Nazi because I don't give myself the same slack.
I'm very sure I suffer from body dysmorphia.
(On the other hand, if I didn't I wouldn't have this body that my fans love. You take the good with the bad I guess.)
9. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
"How much money can I make today?" (I'm very goal oriented.)

Honestly, what I think when I wake up depends on the day.
I'm a Massage Therapist working in NYC so I have prescheduled clients often.
Usually I schedule the rest of my day in my head soon after waking.
I figure everything around Massage Schedule.
I arrange 1-2 hours at the gym and I donate about some time everyday to people in need. (I don't mention this to look good. Spending time with others keeps me from becoming too self centered.)

I have a wish here that at least one other guy who reads this will give something a try. It's become a huge gift to me:

Try doing one selfless act by being generous or helpful. Do one thing everyday for 2 weeks. It can be as simple as giving quarter or a $1 to a homeless person to visiting a cancer ward.
There are 2 small rules:
#1 you can be thanked but you can't take payment or any other physical reward.
#2 you can't tell anyone that you did it.

Any guy who can honestly tell me he doesn't feel better about himself after that 2 weeks is lying.
AFTER the second week it's OK to talk about this but only if you're encouraging someone else to try it.
(But just as I did here and don't say what good deed you did or for whom you did it so that it remains a selfless act of charity.)

10. Which are your plans for the future?
Here's a link to my sex tutorial:
I want to do a video version of my "Sex Ed" course!
I'd like to shoot it with myself and a hot ''spinner'' bottom.
Also, in order to explain the concepts that happen out of sight (inside his ass) I'd like to use an animator to do a sexy version of those visuals. After all, nothing kills a hot sex tutoring like a bad, dry 1970's style "Health Class" illustration.

I'm thinking I would like to see it with a sexy, slightly Hentai Cartoon flavor. Whatever visual style, it should evoke the tactile senses.
I want my audience to "feel" my hot dick head rubbing side to side over the wet, slippery prostate when they watch it. (Fuck, I'm getting hard again.)

I'm also considering donating a fixed portion of the profits to benefit homeless gay youth in NYC. Believe it or not, in all of NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island: There are only EIGHT beds earmarked for homeless gay youth! Why don't the Real HouseWives of New York take THAT on as a charity? (Sorry, it's on TV and those girls are too much.
My long term goals include opening a clothing optional resort with my partner. (I have a background in nudity sex, porn... and hotels! )
I would like to give it a porn star slant, so I'm thinking I would set aside one room every week/ weekend for a pornstar or porn Icon like, say, Chi Chi LaRue or even Fab Scout Howard (Howard to keep that vibe fresh. (You know they'll bring friends! Lol!) The question is what location would be best? I understand Puerto Rico doesn't have any of those resorts.
There are some in Ft Lauderdale and lots in Palm Springs but why create more competition? If PR is viable, I say bring more nude gays to the Island! (Plus Latin Men are so sexy!)

11. What is your favorite sexual position?
I love to look my partner in the eyes when sliding in. Especially if I'm standing while he's lying down. There's also something HOT about holding a guy's by his ankles and pulling him wide! -I also love that position because I can really control my hip action and really drive him mad with my dick! I love making a guy crazy with my dick. I have to admit there's a big power rush that happens when he totally gives into it.

12. Are dimensions are important to you?
If I'm getting fucked, 6-7 inches is good for comfort's sake. 5"-7" around is nice if we're "ordering off of a menu". Lol. I'm not really a size queen but ''too short'' can hurt more than ''too long''. You can figure out why if you read my sex tutorial. Look for the word ''bullseye'' and you'll figure out why.

13. What can u tell me about your Porn Name?
The first guy I had sex with was named Rocco; "Rocky".
I was 13 and he was much older. He had a fat 9" cock. He was Italian (I'm half Italian.) We did it everyday for 2 years. Later, I was told about ass eating from a friend and made Rocky do it to me. That was his job after that. =)P
I'm also half French and coincidentally LaBarre was part of the name of the place we did it. I fucked him but I wouldn't let him fuck me. I was around 4'11" and there's no way I was going to take it. But I sucked him, fucked him and made him eat me until he was hooked on it. Lol!

14. Can you say something about your last shoot? Who was it for What will we see from Rocky this time?!!?
Well I'm back with again!
There was a small drama but it could turn around if your readers help... it would be a slight departure from their usual shoots:

It turns out that after 7+ hours of shooting; fucking, sucking, getting fucked and getting sucked, kissing, grabbing, assEATING, and finally showering...

My understanding is that somehow half of the footage somehow ''disappeared".
I'm guessing there was a short in one of the cameras. I'm not tech savvy at all.
I heard there's enough there for a shoot but as of this righting there's little of my topping footage (that sucks) but most of my bottoming is in tact.
(That's very cool b/c IT WAS SUCH A POWERFUL pleasure/pain fuck, I can't imagine it wasn't a wild ride to watch!)

So my understanding is this: They have to make a choice between whether they just scrap the shoot because it doesn't confirm to their formula or they show what they have. (They could call it the "Lost In Transit Collection") .... I'll happily go back and shoot the sequel... I would do most anything to top Drake Jayden's ass again! :)P""

If I get to fuck Mr Jayden again.... it's gonna REALLY SPECIAL. I plan on devoting my body and heart to that butt! ----- "As porn is my witness I will tame it and name it!"

...After all, turnabout is fair play, right?

>>> Guys, if you REALLY want to see me "take it like a man", email and ASK to see the shoot!
These guys need to hear from consumers.

PLEASE GUYS! (I'm DYING for that phone call when they say, "...Rocky, um, due to high demand, uh... We've decided to release your video and would like you to shoot the sequel where you top Drake Jayden...")

That would be Christmas on a. F-ing silver platter for me!!

If they get 50 emails saying "I wanna see Rocky put out!" I guarantee they'll make that happen!"

Please, please, PLEASE! LOL!

Happy Town lets make this fun...if this happens I'll do something special just for you and your readers.

Figure out something hot and I'll do it as an exclusive.

Bye for now!

Ciao Bellos!
-Rocky LaBarre