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Welcome to HAPPY TOWN.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


1. Hello Adam can you present yourself to the few that don't know you?
Sure, I've been doing porn for little over 3 years now. I've worked with such studios as Titan, Hothouse,,, and manhandled to give you a few. I'm completely versatile but I'm becoming better know for my top roles where I tend to be a dominate son of a I'm one of the catalogue models for and I have my own porn site We are currently redesigning the site. I wanted to get away from the monthly membership plan and go with a pay per scene approach similar to iTunes. You buy it download it and it's yours to keep. I donate my time to a few non profit organizations such as the weho cheerleaders, pnn radio station and concrete hero. I'm also on twitter where I post daily pics @adamrussoxxx

2. How have you started your career in porn movie? 

I've been asked many times over the years to do porn, but at that time it wasn't career path. I've been in the design and art fields most of my life. I started escorting when the economy took a plunge and from there I figured why not start doing the porn. The first studio I shot for was Titan.

3. What do you remember of your first time on the set? 
They paired me with a beautiful black boy from Chicago. I was very turned on by him. Being hard for the glamour shots was a bit difficult because you aren't receiving any stimulation at all and you are contorting your body in strange positions, but once the sex started I was good. The cum scene was a bit difficult wouldn't think it would be but it can be hard for most performers only because you are filming and the pressure to "now cum" can make it difficult to do so. I did finally learn the trick to having myself cum quickly.

4. What reaction had your family and your friends when you decide to enter into the porn? 

Most thought I was crazy but they were supportive.

5. Are you single or in a relationship? Can you describe your type man? 
I am currently in a relationship with Cutler X who I love dearly. We both film and escort which is wonderful and of course we have a very open relationship. We both like our boys. I do prefer black and hispanic men, but I have had white boyfriends and have had sex with every race and ethnicity by now. I enjoy all kinds of men…hairy , smooth, muscular to swimmers build. I do like my guys to be toned and not fem. I do like girls so if I want feminine I'll do one, but that is rare. I consider myself gay with straight tendencies.

6. What are the most important things in a relationship for you?
Honesty! If you can't talk about what's on your mind then just forget about it. It's the hardest thing for people to do. Guys often ask me "Aren't you jealous that Cutler is fucking some boy" and I say no because I know he loves me…you can have sex just for the feel good factor and not have to be intimately involved with that person.

7. Which was your favorite partner that you have met on the set? Why? Have you ever found difficult to "relate" to someone during a scene?
There are so many at this point. I enjoyed so many of the boys/men it would be difficult to choose. I have great relationships with them to this day. There have only been a few cases that things didn't quite work out right and that's when I was performing with some fem twinks. no offense but it was very difficult for me to get turned on. They were nice enough guys just not someone I wanted to have sex with.

8. Can you say me 3 strengths and 3 defects of you? 
Strengths: I'm professional, easy going, great performer Weaknesses: impatient sometimes, I like sex way to much (sometimes it's hard to focus on other things), big foodie ( i could eat and eat).

9. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning? 
How crazy and beautiful life is.

10. Which are your plans for the future?

I have big plans for adam russo …I'm talking to some other companies now about building a mega site. I can't tell you about it yet, but hopefully soon. I'm also working on fitness/ lifestyle webisodes where we will talk about everything from fashion, beauty, fitness, sex and home decor. I wanted to utilize my other skills here. A good friend of mine, Jessie Colter, Said he wanted to be a big star (which he now is) I told him that's fine but I want to be a the mogul (which I'm working on).

11. What is your favorite sexual position? 
That depends on my mood and what I'm doing. When topping I tend to like the missionary position so I can see the guys face in ecstasy. When I bottom I tend to like doggie.

12. If you hadn't been an actor what would you do?
A fine artist as I currently am.

13. What can you say me about your Porn Name?

The original name was adam ruben. This was before the porn. I used it as my screen name on adam4 adam. Adam came from a boy I had a crush on when was very young and ruben I just picked up from thin air…later I found out not only is adam first man but ruben is the first Jewish tribe. When I went into porn I wanted to stick to my Italian heritage so I changed it to Russo.

14. Can you say something you want me to say about you and I did not ask? 
I'm writing this right now and all I can think about is jacking off. My dick is…see what I mean about liking sex too much:)


twitter: @adamrussoxxx


Thanks to Adam for all your time that you have dedicate for this interview!!!! LOVE YOU MAN!!! 


  1. simplismente maravilhosos mas o segundo ele e do tipo que deixa qualquer um louco por ele mi deixo

  2. Hot,hot hot Adam Russo!

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