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Monday, 1 August 2011


1. Hello Brent can you present yourself to the few that don't know you?
 Hi, my name is Brent Cage, im a 46 year old adult model and performer from London

2. How have you started your career in porn movie? 
 Yeah, I love it, I started by being asked to model by a photographer, I met in a gym in London, I did a shoot for him and it kinda snowballed.

3. What reaction had your family and your friends when you decide to enter into the porn?
 Everyone is cool with it. No problems at all, though there are friends and family I decided not to tell. If they see me out on the net or in a magazine, they shouldn't have been looking at porn

5. Are you single or in a relationship? Can you describe your type man? What are the most important things in a relationship for you?
 I'm in a relationship. He's a very beautiful man and very private.
That he is my best friend, supports me, that the companionship and connections are there and that yeah, the sex is amazing.

6. Which sports do you practice?
 I work out alot to eep my body the best I can. I play tennis and squash (though I'm a bit heavy and bulky to move too quickly ;) ) and i ski

7. Can you say me three strengths and three defects of you? 
STRENGTHS : im professional on shoots and work hard. Im kind and caring. I dont take life too seriousy
DEFECTS: smoking, impatience, i like chocolate too much

8. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
 Either: i need a piss, i'm horny but definately that i need coffee

9. Which are your plans for the future?
 Take life as it comes, enjoy the moment and see what opportunities come up. I'm 46 so my career is sorted, as a model I'm open

10. What is your favorite sexual position?
  If i'm fucking i like to be on top of the guy so I can see his eyes and pretty much the same if I'm being fucked. Good sex is in the head, and eyes are the window to a guys mind

12. Dimensions are important to you?
 No, though I do like a good sized cock! As long as the guy knows how to use it and fuck well I'm not a size queen

13. Can you say something you want me to say about you and I did not ask?
 Im a classically trained piano player and play regularly. I got good fingers ;)




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