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Monday, 22 August 2011


1. Hello Victor can you present yourself to the few that don't know you?
 My name is Victor Cody. I am both a porn producer, and porn star. I am 45 years old, of Czech descent and reside in South Florida. My porn name is actually my real first name with my real middle name.
2. How have you started your career in porn movie? 
During my 30's I worked as an editorial and fashion model. As I became more comfortable with my body and my image, I began to do soft nudes and then eventually hard nude photos which then progressed to film.
3. What reaction had your family and your friends when you decide to enter into the porn? 
My family and friends have always been very supportive of anything that I have done. My mother, now deceased, was very open-minded and was my biggest fan.  She used to manage my modeling website and even negotiated the terms of engagements. I have two children, now grown who have always been proud and supportive of me. My daughter loves to be around the models and often brags to her friends about my accomplishments. Although they would never seek out or watch thier father on video, they too are very open-minded concerning my career.
4. How would you describe the environment of the porn movie?
As an adult performer, I have always understood what is required. I have never expected to have a connection with the other model outside of the task at hand. I have never asked a co-star for thier phone number or to meet them outside of the set. I believe I am there to do a job, not to fall in love, have romantic chemistry or even make a new friend. I am there to give the viewers the pleasure of seeing me in sexual acts with another man or men. I tell my cock to get hard and it does. I tell my cock to cum and it does. I am turned on by exhibitionism and with that alone, I can leave all emotion and even attraction out of the equation.  This enables me to be able concentrate on giving the viewer what they desire, which is hot man on man sex. I love knowing men will get off watching me have sex.
5. Are you single or in a relationship? Can you describe your type man?
Although I do bottom on very rare ocassion, I consider myself a dominant top. I do like to take control and enjoy a variety of fetish and kink. I like to please my partner and giving them what pleases them is what turns me on and gives me the most pleasure. I have never been a bottom on film, but I can't say it would not happen if that is what is called for in the scene. However, I do prefer not to if I can help it.
6. What are the most important things in a relationship for you? 
After 7 years of being single, I settled down with a partner from my hometown of Kansas City last year. He is typical of my type, which is usually younger with dark features, a masculine build and a pretty bubbled ass. Although sex is important, I believe that mutual respect, honesty and true intimacy are the key to a happy partnership. I think gay men often struggle to conform to the worlds view of monogamous relationships.  The very nature of male sexuality is gratification so men often struggle between the two. I believe that sex and making love are two seperate entities having the common thread of gratification and not necessarily true intimacy.
7. Which was your favorite partner that have you met on the set and why?
As both a producer and performer, I have had to do both at the same time. One series of scenes that I produced and starred in was in front of a large live audience. In one of these scenes, Kevan Koehl was in a sling with two other tops who were not necessarily strong performers. My strongest performer came down sick earlier that day, so I stepped in to assure that there would be at least one good strong top for the scene. In the end, I pounded him so hard and continuously that the sling catapulted forward returning a terrible blow to my lower hip everytime it returned. After a relentlessly hard fucking, I pulled out at the last moment and blew my load all over him which then caused the audience to erupt in applause, screams and whistles. Only when it was over, did I feel the pain of the bruising which ended up being so deep... it went from the front of my leg to the back of it.
8. Can you say me three strengths and three defects of you? 
I think my greatest strength as a performer is the ability to disconnect from everything else and give my full attention to giving the camera the best possible view. My ability to go deep and hard and to cum on demand are qualities that I think make me exceptional on film. I connect to the sex and I think it is evident to the viewer.  I have a tendancy to dominate the scene whether there are two, four or even six guys involved.
9. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning? 
I hate mornings. I wake up thinking about what needs done and how to prioritize my day accordingly. On ocassion, I wake up with a hard cock, although that is more likely to happen during the middle of the night. I love nothing more than to turn over and slide it into my sleeping partner, waking him up in a fury of hot sex. I like a variety of positions including, but not limited to, missionary, doggy, sidewinder and scissor. I love to roll my partner onto his back shoulders with his ass facing the ceiling and then climb up and shove my cock straight downward into him. It is even better yet if he cums on his face or in his mouth while I am doing it. I am more inclined to daytime or evening sex and always sleep better after blowing my load.
10. Which are your plans for the future? 
I consider myself extremely sexual, an addict if you will. I am not necessarily addicted to the act of sex or the gratification, although I can cum 10 times in a day if the situation warrants it, but I am addicted to the idea of male sexuality and raging harmones. I find the very sexual nature of a man to be addictive. I love getting in his head and fantasies as much or more than having actual physical sex with him. Understand a mans sexual prowess and you can control his mind. Control his mind and you control his cock.
11. What is your favorite sexual position?
I believe that the key to a happy life and great sex is knowing yourself and not being afraid to express it. You also have to be able to get outside of your own needs and enjoy meeting the needs of your partner. Know what you need and learn how to give others what they need. The best sex partner knows how to please themselves and at least tries to please whom-ever they are with. It takes two to have sex, otherwise it is just masturbation. With both... the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.
12. Dimensions are important to you? 
I know that I am not every mans ideal and that not everyone finds me attractive. I have never set goals for being in film and have never sought it out on my own. I enjoy it when I have done it and would never be so foolish as to think I am some high end porn star just because I have done adult film. I have done a number of internet scenes and films and have been on box covers... so I guess that qualifies me as a pornstar. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to live out my own fantasies of being in film and having guys get off to my photos and film. I have done more and had more fun that I ever thought possible and if I never appear on film again, then I have had the time of my life already.

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